Using single state tree (Not enforced)

VergeStore uses a single state-tree. (Recommended) That means an object contains all of the application’s state. With this, we can get to achieve “single source of truth”

That state is managed by Store. It process updating the state and notify updated events to the subscribers.

<aside> 💡 VergeStore DOES support multiple state-tree as well. Depending on the case, we can create another Store instance.


Add a computed property

struct State {

  var count: Int = 0

  var countText: String {
    return count.description


<aside> 💡 To get better performance As possible, it brings better performance with getting Equatable on the State.


Extending properties that computes a value from stored property.

Although in some of cases, the cost of computing might be higher which depends on how it create the value from stored properties.

There is ExtendedStateType. This provies us to get more stuff that increases performance and productivity.

Attention to Normalization

If you put the data that has relation-ship or complicated structure into state tree, it would be needed normalization to keep performance. Please check VergeORM module

About more Normalization and why we need to do this